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Care Management

Frequently, it becomes the responsibility of the children to take over the care of their parents as they grow older. Unfamiliarity with the issues that concern seniors, high time demands to properly manage health care and household issues can become overwhelming.

Home Care Choice can mitigate these issues with our care management services. Staffed by registered geriatric nurses, we can facilitate many of the activities needed to properly manage care at home—offering peace of mind knowing that all aspects of the client’s care are being handled as they should be.

Delivering A Complete Home Care Solution

Additional help from a care manager is what many families need—to coordinate services or to serve as the communication hub between professional health care providers and family members. Our care management model offers support to clients and their families to complete the picture in home care.

  • Coordinating care between physicians and other care providers
  • Providing active communication with family members and/or custodians so all parties are engaged
  • Serving as a client advocate to leverage available public and health services
  • Managing insurance claims and reimbursement
  • Arranging prescription renewals with physicians and pharmacies
  • Coordinating the delivery of medications, medical supplies, meals and equipment
  • Providing for the continuity of care with the hospital or other facility to and from home
  • Scheduling doctor appointments, ensuring follow through and accompaniment to these appointments
  • Reporting to the different health professionals who are providing care with updates and changes in status

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